Blue Chip Stock

All of us must have heard the name Blue Chip Stock but very few of us know what actually is Blue Chip Stock. In this post I am trying to discuss about it.

Blue chip stock are of companies which are national, well known and highly esteemed publicly traded companies. They generally gives constant earnings as compared to other companies as they are financially sound companies. Blue chip stocks are expected to give generous return to its investors despite of ups and downs in the market. These are usually safe investments as they have low risk.

Few Blue Chip Companies in India are TCS, Indian Oil Corporation, SBI, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, etc.


3 thoughts on “Blue Chip Stock

  1. Hi Keshav,
    Thanks for your comment. Here is the list of top 10 Blue Chip Companies in India:
    1. Nestle
    2. Asian Paints
    3. Hero Motocorp
    4. TCS
    5. HUL
    6. ITC
    7. NMDC
    8. Bajaj Auto
    9. Infosys
    10. BHEL

    These are on the basis of sales growth , profitability and shareholders return.


  2. Thanks for the Information. Can I get some more names of companies, may be 50-100 companies according to there categories or groups. It will really be very helpful.


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