Gitanjali has launched Jewellery ATM or Jewellery Vending Machine. This ATM dispenses various designs and denominations of gold and diamond jewellery and gold and silver coins or bars to customers with just a few touches like in any other ATM.

The machine stores between 300-400 products when fully stocked in up to 18 different designs and denominations.

The image, details and price are displayed in an attractive manner via a touch-screen, using which,a customer may browse through various options and select the product they wish to buy.

After selection, customer will get payment options i.e. cash, card or net-banking options. Once full payment is made, machine dispenses the chosen product along with certificate of authenticity and receipt for the same. It works as a money ATM.

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2 thoughts on “JEWELLERY ATM

  1. Golden Rule of Receiveable Management

    “Accelerate receipts and deaccelerate payments”

    Golden rule of cash management

    ” maintain optimum cash, do not keep idle cash, invest excess cash in guilt edge securities and make arrangement of OD and CC in case of deficiency.”


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