1. ACCURACY: By using e-filing, the chance of error goes down to about 1%. Income tax returns can be filed with the help of various tax preparation softwares available.

2. SECURITY: Tax returns processed electronically are processed over secured and encrypted lines.


4. COMPLETENESS: The online tax preparation software will let you know if your tax return is missing any information.

5. RECEIPT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT; Upon completing and submitting your income tax return, your service provider will send you a receipt acknowledgement confirmation.

6. FASTER REFUND; By efiling your tax return, you will receive your income tax refund faster. The time involved in refund processing is half what is involved in paper returns.

7. CONVENIENCE: You can file return anytime irrespective of time, i.e. it can be midnight or any time any day. E filing saves you from spending your valuable time of office hours in filing tax return.


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